Item #: 9075 Size: 50MM
eye: 0 Packing: 9 Meter
Category: Die Cut Ribbon

This is a satin ribbon that has alternating detailed, petite, die-cut, leaves are evenly spaced along a twig-like cord.
Designed to enhance any project, this ribbon is 20mm wide and features a complex leaf design cut out of soft and flexible fabric.
A great natural embellisment to any gift packaging, decorating, wreaths, clothing, indoor decor and crafts.
Made from 100% polyester / Nylon. Machine washable and dry cleanable. Do not bleach.

*The tone may vary a little in shade and color.
**Shades may not be true due to variations in computer monitors, tablet, phone and laptop screens.

Category Die Cut Ribbon
Size: 50MM
Packing: 9 Meter
Material: Imitation Jari & Polyester

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