Item #: 9252 Size: 35MM
eye: 0 Packing: 25 Meter
Category: Gingham Ribbon

The Tartan Plaid Fabric Ribbon is a double sided, traditional Scottish-influenced pattern.
This is 35mm wide and its linen-like fabric has a smooth texture that gives an upscale look to your craft projects.
The pattern may differ slightly between colors.
This ribbon is perfect for country styles and classic motifs appropriate for any season.
Made of 100% Polyester. Machine washable and dry cleanable. Do not bleach.

*The tone may vary a little in shade and color.
**Shades may not be true due to variations in computer monitors, tablet, phone and laptop screens.

Category Gingham Ribbon
Size: 35MM
Packing: 25 Meter
Material: Polyester

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